Patient Concerns

Patient Education

At the offices of Old Dominion Family Dental, we believe that education is the key to a beautiful, healthy smile.  Our goal is for our patients to be informed decision makers and fully understand any oral health issues they may be facing.  We find that patients are more comfortable when they know what to expect at every step of treatment.   Our caring staff takes the time to address your individual dental concerns and questions with the use of take-home literature, picture boards, and in depth discussions.  Our goal is our patients to be completely informed concerning any dental issues they may have and any treatment options that are available.  Our web site is loaded with valuable information.  Please explore our web site to learn as much as you can about your smile.

Continuing Education

The State of Virginia requires all Licensed Dentists and Hygienists to acquire 15 hours of Continuing Education per year.  At the offices of Old Dominion Family Dental our Doctors and Hygienists are encouraged to go beyond the state requirement, sometimes accumulating over 40 hours of Continuing Education per person.  Our Dental Assistants and Business Office Staff are also encouraged to take courses which interest them and pertain to their field of work.  Just as we believe Patient Education is the key to a successful treatment, continuing to improve our knowledge is the key to learning about improvements in dental materials and procedures which help us give our patients the best dental services possible.

Patient Safety

The offices of Old Dominion Family Dental adhere to the highest professional standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and radiation control.  Our staff is CPR certified, and a Class IV medical emergency kit (including oxygen) is on our premises at all times.  Our x-ray equipment is tested and certified by the Virginia Department of Health.  We maintain eye wear for our patients, and have installed an eye wash station, located in operatory one,  for both the vision safety of our patients and our staff.  If a life threatening emergency arises, two emergency medical response units are within five miles of our location.


We know that preventing the spread of infectious disease is critical and have spared no expense in meeting and exceeding the guidelines set by OSHA, the ADA, the CDC and the State of Virginia.  All instruments are scrubbed and placed in a chemical bath.  Instruments are then bagged individually or as procedure kits, and then autoclaved at high temperature and pressure.  Our instrument bags have the added protection of stripes which change color when autoclaved correctly.  Test strips are run through our sterilization system every two weeks and are read by an independent third party company to ensure our system is working efficiently.  If an instrument cannot go through our sterilization protocols, then a disposable item is used, being discarded as medical waste after each patient.

Metal Free Restorations

For patients with metal allergies, or those who prefer and understand the cost of cosmetic restorations, we provide both non metal filling material (composite) and all ceramic crowns.  These materials have improved greatly over the last ten years, and are not only beautiful restorations but have gained strength and longevity over their predecessors.  Being considered cosmetic, however, many insurance companies alter their coverage and co-payments on these restorations.


Patients with certain medical conditions (e.g. valvular heart conditions, artificial joints) may need to pre-medicate with antibiotics before their Dental Visits. Our office insists on this for the safety of the patient.  Our office policy is to abide by the guidelines set by the American Heart Association and the American Dental Association unless otherwise advised by the patient's Physician treating the condition in question.   Please inform us if you have any issues that might require pre-medication or other medical alerts that will affect your dental visit.  These conditions can be found on page two of our Medical History Form.  If you have run out of your pre-medication, please call our office, and our Doctors will be happy to refill your prescription.

Medical Waste

Disposables and procedural waste are disposed of in a red lined medical waste box which is taken and incinerated by a third party company certified for medical waste disposal.   All fluids removed from the mouth --- including water, saliva, and blood --- are passed through a double filtration system before returning to the public sewer.  The first is to remove all hard substances and foreign bodies, the second filters out bacterial levels.




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